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Wilderness First Responder - 5 Days - To be announced for Whitefish, Montana/Glacier National Park

Price: $790.00


Location: To be announced

Times: Class starts at 8:30 am and ends at 5:30 pm daily. Lunch is one hour.

Wilderness First Responder - 5 Days

The Wilderness Medical Associates WFR course is the gold standard of medical training for outdoor educators, guides, sail training crews, and others working in remote and extreme environments. The curriculum has enjoyed 30 years of evolution and represents the collective wisdom of literally hundreds of medical practitioners, outdoor educators, wilderness travelers and rescue professionals. The core curriculum is designed to provide the skills and insight needed to improvise, adapt, and exercise reasonable judgment at any level of medical training.

The five-day WFR covers the same material and earns the same certification as our standard 7 day course. It is designed for professionals who have less time for on-site training, but have the self-discipline to complete 25 hours of pre-course study. Registration at least 10 days prior to course start is required to allow time for reading, case reviews and a pre-course test. There are no other medical training prerequisites, but you should refer to the functional position description for emergency providers since certain physical requirements apply to be eligible for certification. Certification is valid for three years and include basic life support and CPR. The minimum age for participation is 18 at the time of course start. The maximum enrollment is 21 students.


  • The following teaching materials are provided by WMA International at no additional cost:
  • Wilderness and Rescue Medicine: A guide for the basic and advanced practitioner
  • Wilderness Medicine Workbook
  • The Field Guide of Wilderness & Rescue Medicine
  • WFR Class Notes and handouts

Completion and Grades
Successful completion with certification is based on 100% attendance, satisfactory performance on homework assignments and written quizzes, demonstrated proficiency with practical skills and a grade of 80% or better on final written exam. WMA International is committed to making reasonable accommodation to any student with special needs.

All eligible students who successfully complete the course will receive Wilderness First Responder, Anaphylaxis, and Healthcare Provider level CPR certifications. The CPR course is based on the 2010 ILCOR/AHA guidelines. All WMA certifications remain valid for three years.

Recertification can be earned at anytime during the three years following your course. Recertification options include the 36-hour Wilderness Advanced First Aid course, the 36-hour WAFA-to-WFR Bridge Course, or the 24-hour Open Recertification Course.

Students must be at least 18 years old to participate in the 5-Day WFR course. Certain course sponsors may set a higher minimum age or establish other requirements consistent with their program. No previous medical training is required.


  • General Concepts in Wilderness and Rescue Medicine
  • Patient Assessment System Critical Body Systems: BLS and CPR; Anaphylaxis and Asthma
  • Practical Skills: Lifting, Moving and Extrication; Spine Stabilization and Litter Packaging; Wound Cleaning and Exploration
  • Environmental Topics: Exposure Control; Bites and Stings; Altitude Illness; Cold Injuries; Diving Emergencies; Thermoregulation; Lightning; Near Drowning; Avalanche
  • Musculoskeletal Systems: Spine Injury Assessment; Musculoskeletal Injuries; Extremity Splinting; Dislocations
  • Other: Medical Legal Issues; Soft Tissue Injury; Toxins; Search and Rescue; Backcountry Medicine; Emergency Childbirth; Medical Kits

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